Vecchio Caffè

 Vecchio Caffe has come to have a cult following among the Aviano crowd. Set in beautiful Polcenigo, it is in the main intersection of the town across from a well-frequented gelato shop. Speciality? Deep dish pizza. Sort of. Deep-dish in the kind of way that that the new Mini Cooper is mini. The pizza is the only thing on the menu and the beer on tap is pretty decent. The inside is no-frills and non-pretentious which lends even more to letting yourself just enjoy some pizza and beer. Good place to take the family because PIZZA.


Closed on Monday
Open daily from 1800 – 2230
Opens at 1730 on Sunday

The bar is open daily from
0730 – 1330
1530 – 2400
Everyday except all day Monday and Tuesday morning

Piazza Plebiscito 7
33070 Polcenigo PN



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