Bar Bianco

Closed on Tuesdays

Open daily from

0745 – 1300 & 1530 – 2000

On Sunday they open from 0830 – 1330 and then again from 1530 – 2000

Located in Budoia, Bar Bianco is an outlet location of the Tambre-Spert-Cansiglio cooperative. This cooperative was established to preserve the traditions of the region and they offer only the highest quality, locally sourced meats and cheeses.  100% organic, their wonderful selection meats and cheeses, makes this the perfect place for an afternoon spritz or just enjoying a relaxing evening. They do dinner by reservation and offer an American breakfast of bacon and eggs as well.
If you don’t know what to order just ask for “piatto misto” which means “mixed plate”. This will get you a choice of cheeses and meats that you can mix and match as you wish. Accompany your meal with a glass of prosecco you can’t go wrong!


Via Bianco 4

Budoia PN 33070



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