Dorth 1931


Dorth is owned and operated by the Fabbro family.  They offer a selection of delicious and fragrant cured hams, salamis, pancetta, and other quality cold cuts, which all handmade by the family patriarch, Luigi.

They also offer other locally sourced products, such as cheese, pickled vegetables, seasonal dishes, rustic breads, and offer a selection of quality wines and beers.  Come here often enough and you’re sure to make friends.  This a favorite meeting place among locals and has quickly become one of my family’s favorite Prosciutterias!


Via Pordenone, 4
33081 Aviano PN, Italy

+39 0434 677 211

Saturday 10:30AM–2PM, 5:30–11PM
Sunday 10:30AM–2PM, 5:30–11PM
Monday Closed
Tuesday 10:30AM–2PM, 5:30–11PM
Wednesday 10:30AM–2PM, 5:30–11PM
Thursday 10:30AM–2PM, 5:30–11PM
Friday 10:30AM–2PM, 5:30–11PM

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