Da Genio

Ristorante Pizzeria da Genio has been operating in Polcenigo for decades. It’s really a treat to the eyes and belly. The restaurant is located next to the Gorgazzo Spring (Sorgente Del Gorgazzo) in Polcenigo which is famous for the statue of Mary submerged some 15 feet underwater. The spring is ice cold, crystal blue and very deep.

The food is very rich at Da Genio. They are really known for their pizzas but everything you order is first-class. The dining area is situated next to a pretty river feeding from the spring. The best dining area is outside near the river (hopefully in the fall when it’s cool out).

Verdict: Ambience is great. Food is superb.

Open every day except Wednesday for lunch and dinner

Opening Times: 1000 – 1500, 1800 – 2300

6, V. Polcenigo, 33070 – Polcenigo (PN)

Tel: 0434748901

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