This place features all-you-can-eat sushi and Japanese cuisine. Everything is fresh and delicious! Other things on the menu include noodles, fried pork and chicken cutlets, miso soup, and much more. It's not a buffet-style restaurant, however. You will order off of a menu and receive as much as you want. You may order up to 4 dishes at a time. I liked the mixed sushi plate, edamame, wakame seaweed, and miso soup for starters. My two favorite items on the menu are: (1) Sake Su, which is chopped salmon in a bowl with miso, rice vinegar, and sesame seeds,  and (2) Maguro Karai, which is a Tuna Handroll with lettuce, rice, a little mayo, and tabasco. The food comes out fairly quickly if ordering sushi since it doesn't need to be cooked. The hot dishes don't take very long though.

Like most sit down restaurants in Italy there is a 2.00 cover charge per person, but they also offer a 10% discount for take away orders (each menu item is individually priced). For lunch, its about 5 euro cheaper than dinner. 11.80 vs 16.80



+39 0434 949958

Via Pionieri dell'Aria 86/C
Roveredo in Piano, PN 33170

Opening hours:

Monday 10:30AM–3PM, 5PM–12AM
Tuesday 10:30AM–3PM, 5PM–12AM
Wednesday 10:30AM–3PM, 5PM–12AM
Thursday 10:30AM–3PM, 5PM–12AM
Friday 10:30AM–3PM, 5PM–12AM
Saturday 10:30AM–3PM, 5PM–12AM
Sunday 10:30AM–3PM, 5PM–12AM

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