Delivery Menu here: Yufen Menu

A wonderful Chinese restaurant tucked away behind the town square. It's one of the only places that stays open through Christmas. They also deliver in the Aviano area!!!

European Chinese differs slightly from what many Americans are used to, but in a good way. The food is fresh and there's no MSG!

The fried rice is very inexpensive, only 2.50-4.00 euro for a very large helping. I personally like getting dumplings, shrimp chips, and fried spring rolls to go along with whatever my family orders for main dishes. Main dishes that are family favorites are the crispy duck, General Tso's chicken, teriyaki chicken, and broccoli beef.

Open every day of the week!

Close for Lunch Monday

Open daily for
Lunch from 1000 – 1430
Dinner from 1700 – 2300

Saturday & Sunday
1200 – 2300

Via Roma, 49, 33081, Aviano Pordenone



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