Mela Rossa

Ristorante Wok Mela Rossa is very close to a TON of shopping and entertainment in Fiume Veneto making this place complement a night out on the town. UCI Cinema and GranFiume shopping mall are less than a 2 minute drive away.

The first thing that caught my eye when entering was the sushi conveyor belt. On each dish lay 2 pieces of sushi, neatly wrapped. It was a great way to taste many different kinds without having to order whole 8-piece rolls like in many sit-down-to-order restaurants. They had mostly simple sushi rolls with a little flair. A few fried rolls. A few rolls with avocado on top or with cream cheese in the middle. Overall a decent showing of classic and new sushi rolls.

In addition to the sushi, they had a buffet filled with many different types of Chinese dishes like broccoli beef, orange chicken, and delicacies like calamari. They also had a buffet with uncooked meats and fish that you could put on a plate to give to a cook. It was sort of Mongolian grill-style but without the veggies, noodles, or rice. Strictly proteins. You put the meat or fish on a plate, put a little sticky note with your table number, and a server gives it to you at your table a few minutes later. I had a small steak and whitefish. It was lightly seasoned with some soy and black pepper. Simple and delicious.

Mela Rossa is most definitely a place that I will build into future family dining plans. The diversity of foods there is welcome because of everyone’s differing palate. Also, the fact that the food is ready-made is not lost on anyone either. At the end of the day, it’s a place to eat that’s tasty to everyone. It’s conveniently located… it’s different than most eateries that I will frequent in Italy. Thumbs up.

Telephone: +38 0434 561485

Address: Via Pontebbana 25/H – 33080
Fiume Veneto (PN)

Sunday 12–3PM, 7PM–12AM
Monday 12–3PM, 7PM–12AM
Tuesday 12–3PM, 7PM–12AM
Wednesday 12–3PM, 7PM–12AM
Thursday 12–3PM, 7PM–12AM
Friday 12–3PM, 7PM–12AM
Saturday 12–3PM, 7PM–12AM

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