La Locanda

Taking reviews back to good ol’ Aviano! I’ve been wanting to try La Locanda for awhile now. I’ve heard good things about the meat. It seems those rumors are true! Who knew you could get a decent rack of ribs slathered with barbeque sauce with french fries for less than 15 bucks? Here you can!

For this review, I took the liberty of bringing my nice camera so you could accurately see what the place and food is like.

La Locanda is the first restaurant or hotel that you encounter entering Aviano from the south on the SP7 (A-P Highway). It’s sign on the side of the building is readily apparent. Drive into the gravel parking lot and walk in toward the restaurant. You’ll find that it is VERY pretty in the garden and swimming pool area. There’s an outdoor bar, a pretty swimming pool, very green lawn, and an outdoor dining area.

The waitstaff are very nice and they open up at 1830 so the restaurant is very accommodating to the American dining schedule.

Both my friend and I ordered the half kilo of ribs. The pork ribs come covered with barbeque sauce or without. I chose with…. and am glad I did. The ribs, though not falling off the bone, are quite tasty by themselves. Adding the barbeque sauce really makes these ribs special. It’s a sweet barbeque, not smoky, mustardy, or spicy like some American barbeque sauces. I like it.

The ambience, when the weather is nice, is perfect because of the laid-back atmosphere of the garden and pool. The food is solid. This may become one of the more frequented places my family goes in the next couple years. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Telephone: +39ย 0434 677170
Address: Via Pordenone, 10
33081 Aviano, PN

Website:ย La Locanda Facebook Page

Opening Hours:

Saturday 6:30โ€“10:30PM
Sunday 6:30โ€“10:30PM
Monday Closed
Tuesday 6:30โ€“10:30PM
Wednesday 6:30โ€“10:30PM
Thursday 6:30โ€“10:30PM
Friday 6:30โ€“10:30PM

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