Birreria German Pub

This German Restaurant is a favorite among Americans and serves a wide variety of German beer and food. They have an incredibly large selection of bottled beers, including many Belgian Trappists, German Lagers and Bocks, and English Ales. There are about 6-7 draft beers that include German and Belgian beers as well.

Dishes include mixed sausages, schnitzels, many types of bruschetta, spaetzle(homemade egg noodles), pork shanks, etc. The portions are very heavy so there’s no need to order several courses like at a normal Italian restaurant. If you have a hankering for German food, this is certainly a place to stop and get some. While there are some really good German/Austrian-style restaurants within a 2-hour drive in South Tyrol, this is one that is an acceptable alternative in the local area.


Address: Via Ronche 32, 33077 Sacile PN, Italy
Telephone: +39 0434 737399

Sunday 6PM–1:30AM
Monday 6PM–1:30AM
Tuesday 6PM–1:30AM
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 6PM–1:30AM
Friday 6PM–3AM
Saturday 6PM–3AM

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