Ristorante Cellini is located in the heart of Sacile at the base of the campanile(bell tower). Cellini serves a few different dishes that change seasonally but is really known for their extensive pizza menu.

It’s a beautiful restaurant located next to the cool, clear Livenza River with a covered outside dining room overlooking the water.

I went for lunch on a Saturday at noon and there weren’t too many people crowding the restaurant. We ordered 4 different pizzas. They are all very thin crust pizzas that are perfectly cooked, firm but not too crispy with a little char here and there. All 4 pizzas were fabulously tasty. (1) Spinach and Ricotta (2) San Daniele Prosciutto (3) Braesola, Rucola, and Grana (4) Red Onion and Garlic. I personally ordered the onion and garlic pizza and it was magnificent. The tomato sauce was sweet, tangy, and deliciously fresh. The red onion and garlic were marvelously roasted and wafted an incredible savory aroma. My family all thought their pizzas were the best which was a good sign.

Website: http://cellinisacile.weebly.com

Phone: +39 0434 72868

Address: Via della Pietà, 20, 33077 Sacile PN, Italy

Open daily for
Lunch from 1200-1500
Dinner from 1800-2300
Closed Mondays

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