Alla Tavernetta

Way out in Udine, there lies a multitude of great restaurants. Udine is about an hour’s drive west of Aviano. A small city(about 100,000 residents) full of young people from the local University. Udine is at the heart of the Friuli region generating hearty food from the mountains paired with local ingredients of mushrooms, asparagus, pumpkins, and squash. Fuse this with classic Italian food and out comes something really special. Hostaria Alla Tavernetta in the city center of Udine, serves up exceptional Friuli food that represents the region spectacularly.

It’s not standard Italian fare like you’ll get in Aviano. You’ll be surprised by how different it is. They use local ingredients available around the city. When I went last month, asparagus was “in” and was evidently celebrated on the menu.

We ordered a cheese gnocchi that came with beans, asparagus with a creamy blue cheese sauce. I also got a veal cheek dish with paprika sauce and house-made polenta chips. Another dish was Asparagus two ways(white and green) with flakes of salty tuna and a soft egg. Lastly, we ordered a herb-spiced oven-baked goose leg and potatoes. All were hearty and solid dishes. You won’t be able to get those same dishes now since the season has changed but rest assured, they make good dishes in any season!


Phone: +39 0432 501066


Open Daily for –
Lunch at 1130-1530
Dinner at 1900-2300
Closed on Sundays and Mondays

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