Gemma’s Kitchen

Restaurant Menu – Click here

La Cucina di Gemma, located on the outskirts of Pordenone, sports a fresh produce stand and a restaurant attached to it. You can also buy a BIG bottle of wine(think 5 liters) made locally. The produce is very fresh and the owners are friendly and very helpful.

But the food, the restaurant, and especially the grill is the highlight of my story… I know you can get a strawberry steak in several places around the area. I’d really never had one until today and Gemma’s Kitchen makes it deliriously delicious. It’s an Australian Black Angus steak of about 200 grams topped with super ripe strawberries with crema di balsamico on top. Sweet decadence paired with a hearty salty steak. Just wonderful.

Gemma's Kitchen-5068

We ordered several other dishes that were very good too.  The risotto with diced green apple and burrata was phenomenal. They also offer a very good cold buffet as part of your meal!

The restaurant itself had a large dining room that can seat 50. I went for lunch on a Saturday when it opened at noon. We were the first ones seated and only saw about 5 more tables seated so lunch availability is not an issue.

The restaurant was a little pricey to take a large family so I would save this one for a date night. About 135 euros for 4 people (two of which ordered primi and secondi), a bottle of prosecco, and 2 bottles of acqua frizzante, 2 desserts, and 2 coffees.


Phone: +39 0434 362631

Address: Viale Venezia 9, 33170 Pordenone PN, Italy

Lunch Daily from 1200-1430
Dinner daily from 1900-2230
No Dinner on Mondays

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