Urban Farmhouse

I am excited to bring you the very first food blog post here at AvianoFoodie since taking over as blog author for Randall. He has done a fantastic job up to this point of setting a few good years of solid foundation here with his gastronomical exploits all over the Aviano and the surrounding cities and towns. It is my privilege to take the helm which he so graciously passed over to me in recent months. I hope to continue and do justice and serve your readers with the best, newest and neatest food stops that the Aviano area and the Fruili-Venezia-Giulia (FVG) region has to offer locals and tourists alike. So, let’s get to it!


Just this past Saturday evening March 30th I strolled into The Urban Farmhouse in Pordenone around 7pm which I had to make a reservation for earlier that day. You can call, email or facebook message them to make your RSVP which they recommend on Friday and Saturday nights as its packed full by 8pm most every weekend those nights. The place holds maybe 50 people including bar seats. There is an outdoor patio for another 20 or so which I am sure will be welcome come the warmer spring/summer months.

Inside view from back corner facing the entrance

I had my seat waiting for me at the bar on arrival. The place was just starting to get moving with people coming in as they open at 530 on Saturdays. I asked about sour beer and to my good fortune, they had one sour on tap from the UK, a Chorlton toffee apple sour. Let’s just say I am a fan of this beer, plain and simple. They have 10 beers on tap at any time with several rotating each month. 4 euro for a small and 6 for a large glass. Beers in the bottle and can also available for 4-9 euro range.

UK Chorlton Toffee Apple Sour

Now for the big players, the prime factor that brought me here….burgers! Big bad juicy burgers. I had not had a single burger for over 8 weeks as of this visit and my fix had never been stronger than now. People at work all made mention to UFH when the word burger came up so I figured I could not go wrong. I was right!



The menu is studded with several signature burgers and a few rotating burgers of the month options. All sounded amazing. They all range from 9-11 euro with a couple specialty burgers at 15-16 euro. I landed with the “before & after burger” which is a play on the chicken and egg given its delicious ingredient profile. I doubled up and got two chicken burger patties (go big or go home!) a sunny side up egg, crunchy bacon, spicy mayo, aged cheddar, lettuce, onion, tomato, and pickle on stacked on a toasted brioche bun. This monster of a burger came out within 15 minutes and put a smile on my face on first glance. That smile resonated into my soul on the first bite and each one after. Pure awesome is all I can say.

burger split
Layers of stacked goodness
big burger
Hell yes!


Amazing burgers, good beer from all over the globe, great staff who speak good English (among other languages as well) and a chick/casual bar/pub atmosphere make this a place I will likely become a regular at for both beer and burger fix of any kind. I even wound up meeting an active duty enlisted airman from CO Springs on his 3rd year at Aviano Air Base himself. We talked for a while both sharing burgers and beer and it turns out he himself is a foodie of sorts. He gave me several must-try places in the area which I took notes on. From what I gathered these spots will also be featured here in the near future.



I think my problem with (disliking) beer my whole life (besides sour beers which I’ve enjoyed for a few years now) is not that I dislike beer across the board as first thought. I now think I have simply been drinking beer in the wrong country all along! That seems to be changing quickly here in Europe!

Ciao for now folks!

Please leave me comments of local pleases I need to try and feature here.



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