Ristorante China Town


This may, in fact, be Italy but that does not mean that my palette of the past almost 35 years has lost any bit of its fondness for international cuisine. One such cuisine is Japanese and Chinese fair. Particularly sushi and the like. So for this review, I take you with me to the outskirts of Aviano headed southeast toward the air base where I made a debut visit to China Town Restaurant (post title reflects exact local venue name).


Sunday afternoon, 1230pm, following a solid strength training session at the base gym left me craving a big meal of protein and carby goodness. Only having had a protein shake and apple for breakfast hours before, I was famished. Sushi is always on my mind and for once my memory aligned with my cravings…this location is open 7 days a week, offering lunch and dinner AYCE options. These guys do have a slightly higher lunch price for AYCE sushi compared to the other places I have been in the area. The others I’ve been are only about $13-14 euro with the cover charge at lunch. Dinner here is about the same price.


Ample inside dining is available for groups big and small. Note, 4-5 tables are also available outside in the front. Being a fairly nice day out, I opted for the al fresco option. Had the whole patio to myself and truly enjoyed it. Arriving at 1230pm and ending my meal at 2pm. I savored my meal start to end. Let us take a look at what I had and what you can go try yourself.



Miso Soup (I had 3)


Hand Rolls: Tuna, Salmon, Shrimp.


Nigiri: Salmon, Tuna, Shrimp


Long Rolls: Mixed Veggie, Yummy, & Rainbow

Plates: Steamed Branzino (whole fish) in tamarind sauce


Appetizers: Steamed Veggie Dumplings


Dessert: Chinese Fruit Bowl


Perhaps it was my being outside vice inside, (it was not super busy) or perhaps I needed to go back inside sooner and place new orders at the counter, it did take a while between order placements. Once I did place them it was 20 minutes or so between my 1st and 2nd and 2nd and 3rd orders. Beyond that slightly slowly serving speed compared to the other three sushi joints I have been to in the area, all else was great. Kind staff, most who speak Italian and one on this visit that spoke clear English as well. My ever-improving Italian is helping more and more with dining interactions as well.


Everything I got on this visit I would get again for sure. Mind you a 1 euro cover charge does apply and is added to the bill. Still a great deal IMO for above average sushi in AYCE fashion.

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