“Rolling” into U Sushi 2

u sushi

Lets roll shall we?! OK fine, I can only play on that phrase so many times before it gets old but it’s true. After my third visit to U Sushi in Pordenone (2 locations here), I am really feeling this place and want to be darn sure other locals know about it and go try it out if not done so already. In my almost four months in Aviano now, this is taking claim as my favorite AYCE sushi spot of the four different places I have been to. I have not hit any of the non-AYCE spots yet so I cannot say it’s the best overall sushi in town, but in due time I can make that call. For the price you pay, quality and quantity you get, I’m hard pressed to find a better combo. So now let me show you all that I’ve found time and time again at U Sushi.

Each time I come in it’s right after a solid workout session on the area F base in Roverado so this location (4km away from the south gate) of the 3 they have in the area is the one I have hit each time. I cannot speak for the other two spots but I’d have to think they are on par with this location. Comment below please if I am off on that.

Lunch is about $13 and dinner is about $21. The dinner menu is much larger than the lunch menu but both still offer a wide variety of options that go well beyond typical. sushi rolls. They sport nigiri, chirashi, hand rolls, maki rolls, appetizers, seafood salads, rice/noodle dishes, vegetable dishes, fried dishes, and other creative options also make the menu. The grilled chicken/avocado roll with teriyaki was new to me and to be frank, I loved it! Never had chicken in a sushi roll before, be open minded right!? The images I share here are from all 3 of my visits and forgive me if captions do not link to each item as I do not recall them all name by name but I would not post the picture if I did not think it was worth trying out. I tend to go very basic and traditional with my sushi fair. Nothing fried, no mayo and no cream cheese. That stuff IMO, purely the bastardized American version of sushi playing to our warped pallets. We can do better.

I wish they had a classic rainbow roll which is my personal favorite roll. I often use this as a beacon to judge a venue on. Yes, one roll alone often does it for me. With 3 kinds of fish, avocado and mixed crab inside…what more to ask for in a single sushi roll? Maybe I can convince them to bring one onto the menu?

U Sushi 2 is fast with service, even on busy nights they do well to keep tabs on you and assure your orders go in and get taken care of. They take them down on some kind of phone app it seems and it works as I have never had an order go missing or come out wrong so far. You order by item name or easier still, item number, just say it and they place it. They also have beer, wine, and sake available for drinks. I always use my miso soup as my “drink” to sip with my rolls and other items. Desserts are also available but cost extra. Not yet tried any myself, never any room left to do so. Cover charge is 1.50 euro so not bad. IMO this place is a bargain for the vast array of menu options and the quality of food you get. Having lived in San Diego, CA for almost 6 years where sushi is top notch, I can say with confidence this comes darn close. So go on, ‘roll’ on in and see for yourself hey?

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