Trattoria Cavour


As much as I’d like to take credit for this post review venue selection, I cannot. That goes to my recently acquainted friend, Anthony Abbott of Aviano/Trieste. I and four others were lucky enough to take part in this first-time debut visit to Trattoria Cavour near the town center of Sacile just 20 minutes from Aviano. Let me take you on a quick rundown of what we had, what we liked, and why you should meander on in yourself sooner than later to this great dining spot.

the day’s menu

We got in at 730pm and dined in the back dining room/bar space which was gorgeous. The outside terrace patio and lawn was also very elegant well designed. A relaxing drink out there would be pure bliss based on setting and vibe alone. With dark fast approaching, we just missed that chance. Inside was just as impressive with a very modern and upscale feel without feeling pretentious either. The bar area really impressed me with its design and wide array of wine, beer, and liquor.

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So onto the food…

Now I did not sample everything shown here but from the responses both my own and the dining company I had, will say for certain, were equally impressed across the board from appetizers through desserts. I tried the beef carpaccio w/tomato and the steamed prawn w/asparagus appetizers and really liked them both. My entree was the monkfish plate along with a mixed salad. The monkfish melted in your mouth and was super flavorful. Highly recommend it.

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This would be a fantastic place for a business lunch or dinner, date night, or a group outing like we had. I am very eager to go back and try the front patio as well as the back terrace space on a sunny afternoon or evening. The staff from what I saw speak mostly Italian but I could be wrong. Anthony did well to interpret any menu items we had questions about which did help.  They have a vast wine selection as well but on this rare occasion, I did not partake in any of the vino goodness. Portions in my humble opinion are on the small side so do not come here expecting a big meal. Come for the experience, the quality, and the food flavors all in a unique setting with great service.


Trattoria Cavour Website 

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