Ornella Bellia Wine Tour

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This past Saturday afternoon I was invited along to tour a nearby winery from a friend of a friend who got me a spot on a private tour/tasting. I needed all but 5 seconds to say yes upon being asked. The spot? The Promaggiore based winery named Ornella Bellia Winery. A short 40-minute drive from Aviano this is an easy to find and visit winery/vineyard you can go drive to, tour, taste and be back home in just a few hours. It’s so worth the trip! Let me explain and show you why.

Front of winery

Myself, a friend of mine and the 2 gentlemen who already had contacts with the family winery took off from Cordenones at 1015am and made our way over. We could not have picked a better day for the weather to walk around the rows of grapes and see the process of making great wines from vine to glass. Our tour guide Jessica, from start to end, was fantastic. She knew every grape and blend, the business, the family and the many products inside and out and she truly seemed to love what she does. We got to meet some of the family members themselves who own the winery since 2000 which was cool to put real faces with the brand. The tour took about 35 minutes tops and then we got to sit down inside the tasting room and sample several wines from their diverse catalog of varied wines. Based on what we liked most she made suggestions of what to try and what to pass on.

Inside tasting room


I enjoyed getting the backstory on the wines we tried from grape type(s), unique label marks, awards the wine may have gotten and the impetus for the wine being made as it was to begin. I found that I enjoyed all the wines, even the white wine which is a hard sell for me. The Pensieor D’Amore (raisin wine) really surprised me as well. A novel wine, quite sweet, but yet still somehow addicting and pleasurable.


The wine that really won me over and convinced me to bring a bottle home was the Bocia Rosso that although nearing sweet was not actually a sweet red wine. It also had a subtle fizz like carbonation to it that gave thw wine a texture I really liked. The balance, complexity, and finish to this wine were all on point for my particular liking.


A really good wine tour & tasting allows me to learn about the winemaking process, the businesses unique beginnings and particulars of production methods. its products, its markets and of course, tasting the end products. You must have all these factors to make the experience lasting and memorable. I got that here with Ornella Bellia. In fact, I think a return visit this summer will be required to try some of the other wines myself and to showcase them to my friends and family on visits.

Meat & Cheese Plate from a local producer

If you’re looking for another winery/vineyard to check out, great regional (and international) wines to try out and learn about, this is a must stop spot for vino-fanatics like me.

Check out this document here to learn about what the tour/tasting entails before you decide to book your tour with them.

wine tour ornella bellia

Ornella Bellia

Via Roma, 117

Pramaggiore 3000 ( VE )

Tel. + 39 0421 200679

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