Bar Al Laghetto


After passing by this place at least 100+ times since moving to Aviano 5 months ago now, I finally made a destination stop to try them out for a solo dinner visit. I am glad I did and only regret not coming in sooner. I’ll be a return visitor here for sure and I hope you will be a well. Let me show you why Bar Al Laghetto is a must stop establishment for all Aviano Foodies.

Sunday evening June 16th at about 7pm I pulled into the front parking lot and despite the place not looking like much from the outside, truly does have a nice appeal upon closer look. My few photos of the venue do little justice to showcase the vibe this place really has. The front patio and side patio are great places to dine at on nice evenings for the al fresco experience. Although the front of the venue faces a roundabout intersection just 100m or so away, it does not really deter from the vibe the place offers from either patio section.


Inside is really where this place impressed me and likely anyone else who comes in. Without pictures, I can only attempt and describe the inside vibe and ambiance. It was getting too busy for me to feel comfortable standing up and taking random pictures of people eating and drinking their meals inside so I missed those despite wanting to get the shots. (Who’s this American guy taking my picture and why?)¬†

The best way to describe it is very modern, clean, slightly sophisticated and a bit chill. The combo works well and made me think right away… this place is sweet! A place for drinks, dinner, taking out of town guest, business lunch, late-night dinner etc….it fits the bill for all occasions. And being a 24-hour restaurant, 7 days a week, its one of few places in this area you can go any time of day and be served. A huge perk in my book! The whole menu is also available for take-out options as well. I also noticed they have all your basic pizza varieties available as well. From the kitchen traffic I saw, they looked and smelled A-mazing.

I went pretty basic (according to my typical dietary habits) not so much Italian fare exactly, but… mind you the vino (merlot) of course, I always pick local Italian stuff! Feast your eyes on my selections:

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The meal in all with the 2 EUR cover charge was 25 EUR. Two glasses of Merlot were 5 EUR so the meal itself 18 EUR. For the quality, great taste, kind, accurate service, and cool setting, so worth it. It did take about 25 minutes from order to food arrival so that may be the only gripe I make. It got busy fast after I was finishing up but not before this so not sure why it took quite that long but oh well, small issue.

The next time you head into or out of Pordenone for any reason, do make a stop into this place and grab a bite. No matter the time or the day, always open, always ready. Worth a stop for good local eats.


Engage with the owners on their social media below:

Facebook Page


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