Gelindo Dei Magredi


Just this past Tuesday evening I finally made my way up to Vivaro to check out an Agriturismo that was highly recommended to me by a fellow local who also has a knack for finding good food spots in and around Aviano. Her recommendation was spot on and I’ll show you why that is below. Read on….


Gelindo Dei Magredi is of many many things, also a restaurant. It’s also a hotel, a vineyard, a market, a youth summer camp, a campground, an education center, and of course, a farm, As with nearly all agriturismo spots in the area, the family owns and runs all aspects of the entire business. They also source nearly all the raw materials on their menu from the very same land/farm the restaurant sits on. Talk about your genuine farm-to-table concept! The menu changes seasonally to utilize all that is in season at that time. It doesn’t get more fresh and local than that.

The menu is really big as are the portions. Especially if you get any of the 10 “Grande Pitatto” (Big Plates) which range from 18 to 22 euro and feed 2 easy. I was at first leaning that way as the images of these giant plates of various food combinations looked amazing but I opted to go for some added variety of what I really craved at the time. The wine list is long with something for everyone be it white, red, sweet, dry or sparkling, they have it.

The venue is huge being a 37-acre farm, but I really only saw the restaurant alone as it decided to rain cats and dogs the evening I came in quelling any such chance to look around. The main dining room (Le Corte Dei 20) is big and open and has a relaxing, unimposing, rustic feel to it. Wines and homemade products line the walls of the dining room with the bar in the front.


The wait staff was two very kind and patient young women who spoke some English but not much and that was OK with me as I was able to get some good practice with my Italian and it must have been good enough as no errors in my order occurred. Score for me!

So let’s get to business shall we… here is what I ordered below.

house merlot
zucchini soup of the day


grilled veggies
bread bar
house cut thin slice ham
grilled herb pork chop
wildberry ice cream

The whole meal with cover (includes salad bar, bread basket, and polenta) plus a caffe’ at the end was 52 euro and in my opinion, worth it for a treat to myself to indulge and go try something different like this agriturismo has. I can say for sure I’ll be back again to try several of the “Big Plates” they have along with more of their own house wine varieties.

outdoor space
outdoor space


The venue was not too busy at my arrival at 8pm (they open for dinner at 7 daily) and never got too busy during my ~90-minute stay. 5-6 other small groups or couples came in during this time but regardless, service was pretty quick with each plate coming out pretty quickly. The food was very good! Fresh, flavorful, and simple. Start to end I was quite happy with my picks to say the last. I think you will be too.

Business Facebook Page

Business Email (Restaurant manager: Chiara):

Business Address:

Via Roma, 14 – 33099 Vivaro (PN)
Tel: +39.0427.97037
Cell: + 39.335.717.0805-6-7-8

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