Alla Trota Blu

Just a couple weeks ago I finally made the debut stop into this nice casual roadside Ristorante in Sarone which lies smack between Costa D’Aviano and Sacile. A short 13km drive from Aviano is all it takes. Having passed this place many times and having a keen eye for fish specialty spots, this caught my eye and had my attention from first sight. Now I can finally say I have been able to experience this place with a group of friends also making their first-time visits. Let me show you what we saw, had and felt about the visit.

The venue for one is pretty nifty. Located right on the small waterway that runs through Sacile you have the outdoor patio smack next to the outdoor patio where we dined on a beautiful Thursday evening. The inside is well designed and laid out as well with big windows overlooking the water as well but if the weather is good, opt for the sunset dinner setting, you’ll like it, trust me.

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Lauris, the manager who part-owns and manages the venue is a really good guy. He came out and introduced himself as the guy I coordinated the dinner RSVP with. Very kind and friendly and he speaks a little bit of English. Be sure to say hello if he is in.

My group of 6 plus me all being first-timers were eager to try something with trout of course, among other things. Given that they pull fresh trout daily right from the stream, it does not get more local and fresh than this. I cannot speak for the dishes my peers got but the smiles plus the clean plates around the table gave me a good idea of how they were received. As for my dishes, I got the following…

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The dishes my companions got are shown below as well.

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My trout salad was bomb! Fresh and flavorful, an awesome combo of olives, cold, raw trout, greens, pistachios, tomatoes, and cipollini. Winner for sure!

The “trota degustazione piatto” was also really good and I highly recommended it for the person who cant make up their mind for what type of trout they want. You get 4 kinds if trout plus house potatoes. You get grilled, smoked, fried and trout lox samples to experience, savor and enjoy. Smoked was my personal favorite if your curious.

The only small issue I had is that the veggie crudites side dish and jalapenos side dish I got was both deep-fried. The jalapenos were actually poppers, fried and stuffed with cheese. Delicious I am sure but not something I’d order due to the cheese factor. The veggie crudites were also fried despite my asking id they were grilled and given the nod they were? I’m sure a language translation was to blame. No worry, I passed them to my dining companions to 0 resistance to the offer.

I will note that my main course plate (the trout sampler) and 1 of my companion’s plates, the grilled salmon, did take a while to come out well past the others plates. Like 25 minutes after they were done out mains came out. Even with a couple other tables getting their mains before us despite our being seated first? Small matter sure but still something we noted with timing and waits.

All in all if you’re after great seafood, burgers, pasta, and trout, in a good setting, at good prices, this nearby place is a good pick for you. I will be back for the burgers (several passed us all night and they looked amazing) and the trout salad alone. The house red wine also got some solid feedback so that of course will bring me back as well.

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TripAdvisor Rated #3 of 17 venues in Caneva, IT.

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