A Sweet Surprise for Birthday #35

Most of my blog posts so far have been showcasing the unique local Italian regional food hotspots that are in town for others to learn about as I visit them. Today I spin that a bit and showcase an American staple that’s come to town/base that many of us already know about but do not (until now) have access to anywhere in the region period. 


It’s ironic how the timing of things can pan out sometimes is it not? Coincidence? Random chance? Fate? Who knows? Just such an oddity took place today, September 5th, 2019. I turn 35 years old today and as do most people on their birthday, indulge in the 1, 2 or 3+ favorite foods of theirs to celebrate their special day. I had plans to do just the same thing with my life-long favorite dessert…. old school traditional recipe carrot cake (which is still happening BTW) but….then found out that my all-time favorite (since my college days in Milwaukee, WI) donut shop chain was opening on base on my exact birthday! It was actually delayed 2 days from the original set date of the grand opening so perhaps the foodie gods do have a spot for me in the next life? I got the sneak peek invite to see what is sure to be for me, a regular stop for DD hazelnut coffee of course but also that random craving for legit, American, pillowy soft donuts. The shop has only been open for a few hours as of this writing and let me tell you, word is out! Go get some java-donut goodness folks!

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I rarely eat flour or wheat of any kind as many know. Strictly because of how sleepy it makes me feel for hours afterward so for me to actually consume any flour or wheat it better be darn well worth it! Today, being my birthday (calories don’t count that day right?) I made it very worth it! Of the 15 donut types offered, I got myself a 12 donut box of my favorites, some classics and some new* ones offered at this store only. See the birthday goodness I tasted below….

  1. Mrs. Monster*
  2. Mr.  Monster*
  3. Mr. Happy*
  4. Blue Skye
  5. Red & White
  6. Nutella Crunch
  7. Strawberry Sprinkle
  8. Raspberry Filled (#2 favorite)
  9. Maple Frosted
  10. Caramel Filled
  11. Chocolate Cake Glazed
  12. Boston Kreme (#1 favorite)


Now to be honest, I cut all 12 donuts in half and allowed myself the guilt-free savoring of each donut half in its own unique heavenly bliss that only a DD can bring to one’s lips. I shared the rest with my gym buddies who happily participated in my makeshift tasting. My two favorites remain my favorites but honorable mention must go to the 3 new offerings as well I must say.


This shop will also offer bagels, sandwiches, donut holes and all kinds of hot and cold drinks with a few items unique to the European market only but most of it catering to an American demand/familiarity. The new Espresso Dunkin’ is amazing by the way!

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Given the line of DD fans out the door and into the BX it is safe to say the demand is strong and as the saying goes, “America Runs on Dunkin” appears to be true in Aviano, IT as well.

Birthday or not, every stop in this DD shop will leave me a little happier upon leaving it coffee and/or donut in hand. Get on over to area F, BX and see for yourself. You’ll be glad you did. They’re waiting for you now, so what are you waiting for? Get Dunkin’!


PS…When you do go….ask for Priscilla (below) and tell her Joshua the blogger sent you, she will make sure your taken care of. Trust me.




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