Trattoria Antica Tre Torri

The most recent local food review takes us just due north of Aviano about 15 minutes to the knife-making capital of the world as many say…..the town of Maniago. No matter how you “cut it” this place has some fine dining options indeed. Those with a “sharper” sense of good taste will likely find themselves dining at the venue myself and some friends chose for dinner this past Saturday evening. Let me show you what awaits those who wish to “cut” through the weeds and get right to the good eats of the area. Welcome to Trattoria Antica Tre TorriThree¬†ancient towers”. The current building is actually a restored covenant space of the 1600s.

This was my 3rd visit to this hot spot so far. Once for the fixed price lunch menu and one other time for a weekend solo dinner. I enjoyed both of those so darn much I had to come back again and this time to share the experience with some other foodie friends! Here is what we got and what we thought. The menu just flipped to its new fall season menu rich with FVG ingredients like pumpkin, castagna and wild mushrooms.


730pm on a Saturday evening just as they opened for dinner service the place was empty with only a group of locals outside enjoying drinks. My group of five and I were brought in and seated right away at our table we had RSVP’d for previously. The characteristic decor in this place, inside primarily but even on the outside seating space is one major draw I like about it. Classy, clean, modern, artistic, charming and vibrant all at once. A spacious main dining area and a side space for tastings and drinks just adjacent to the entrance and main counter.

We started with some red wine which was a cabernet sauvignon since the Pinot Nero I wanted was all out. No worry as this particular cabernet turned out to be one I enjoyed much more than usual.


The dishes!! Lets get to the main attraction shall well? The plates of local, traditional, historical flavor…..feast your eyes below.

My first appetizer of cavallo (horse) carpaccio with pickled red onion and rocket was at first, just OK. A bit of a let down from what I hope it would be…..but…then something happened. With a simple addition of some salt, pepper and a follow-up sip of the cab…..WAM, Presto chango, we have a new flavor entirely! Truly magical how wine and food pairings work here.


I not being a flour/wheat guy (its not the gluten!) did not get a pasta primi dish and instead got a second appetizer…..the boiled mussels dish in white wine. This was equally delicious! Aroma, flavor and texture all totally on point.


The main course…..being the meat-lover I am, I had to go with the steak of course….big surprise right…? I got the 300g bottom round steak (Entrecote scottona cuberoll) done to a perfectly cooked medium doneness. I rounded out the main with a side dish of seasoned, grilled veggies which for me…..takes a great steak to a spectacular steak every time.


Every item I had I would recommend very highly! The portion, the flavor, the price, all worth every penny…even so, very affordable in my opinion.

Take a look at what my dining comrades ordered up as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This place is a wonderful pick for date night, business lunch, family dinner night out, drinks and apps with friends, you name it and it works here. Perhaps not ideal for younger children in my opinion but beyond that, a wise choice for lunch and dinner. At just two years in biz (next month), this place is making a splash in the area as a popular destination to dine. With 4.2 stars and 140 reviews on Google Maps, they are getting noticed fast and I see why that is….stop on in and you will too. Do note that by 945pm as our visit ended….the place picked up very quick to where most tables were now full. I’d suggest having an RSVP made if you plan to dine later than 8pm on a Saturday night.




Phone: 0427 666809

Hours: 1130-1430 & 1930-2400 for dinner

Closed Sunday & Monday nights

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