Not only Aviano…

In this blog, my intent is to feature and showcase the very unique food, wine and gastronomic uniqueness of the Friuli Venezia Giulia {FVG} region of northeast Italy. This region is made of 4 provinces which are shown below. The places I go, the venus I find and the food/wine I try will be a direct reflection of both traditional and contemporary sips and bites of this region and this region alone. The FVG region is truly unique as it posses a two-layer overlap of being both a primary region for the best grapes used for wine and the best place for finding food ingredients of classical foods due to its unique climatic and agricultural location, but also its boarding position with neighboring countries of strong historical influences.

Venues of all kinds from Osteria, Trattoria, Bar, Cantina, Pizzeria, Caffe, Gelateria etc… will all be featured here as long as it’s found in this region and reflects the authentic values, traditions, and methods of FVG. I am looking to learn, explore and experience as much of this area as I can over my 3-year term in Aviano, IT and I hope to bring that public to any followers of this blog.


4 provinces that make up the FVG region of Italy


detailed map of the FVG region {yes, Pordenone is both a major city name and a province of FVG}


the relative position of the FVG region in Italy


official flag of the FVG region